14 September 2014


The power of books to change lives

WE become richer by reading a lot of books. Book value can change lives. Reading gives us a chance to stop and take action. This does not happen when watching television or movies are forcing us to accept anything.
The book allows us to form a picture of the text according to their own needs us. We can stop and read crystallize concepts, and change it according to the interpretation of what we want. We can change the ideas that can be collected from the books we read or we can not change.
Some believe the book is not likely to change anyone. Your own life-changing. When two people are reading a book together, a possible inspiration while another might be bored reading it. Both of them may learn different things from the same book.
The book has changed the fate of many people. In the book titled You ?? ve Got to Read this Book: 55 People Tell the Story of the Book That Changed Their Life, the story of their life changed by reading we can immerse. They are not ordinary people in America, but from a variety of high position and a career that is different from politics, medicine, psychology, business, entertainment to the various branches of the arts, sports and athletics. To them, there are good books that have inspired, heal them from the pressures of life and change their lives completely.
The writing in this book created by Jack Canfield and Gay Hendricks. Who does not know Jack Canfield, creator and editor of the famous series Chicken Soup for the Soul is considered by TIME magazine as ?? the publishing phenomenon of the Decade. ?? The series now has 105 titles with more than 100 million copies published in 41 languages. Gay Hendricks also is an expert in body transformation and healing relationships ?? mind. Both of them have published numerous bestselling books and read more.
Jack began this book project bringing together 25 experts of various fields, business consultant and writer in his home. In the discussion, the question of choosing the good books of the thousands of titles published every year. In a crowd gathered, some of the acknowledged books have changed their lives, while others say they just read a book recommended by a trusted person.
They have the best seller published a book, but what about books that have changed their lives? Then they tell each other about the books that have changed their lives. Most of the books are not read by most of those gathered, and many have never known existed! Now there was an idea to bring the book has changed their lives in a book.
Dr. Stephen Covey, who wrote one of his experiences in this book is not reckoned people. He was recognized by TIME magazine as one of the 25 most influential Americans. Books and his work is well known and read in public, one of which is The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People sold 15 million copies in 38 languages ​​worldwide. A recent book titled The 8th Habits: From Effectiveness to Greatness.
Two books that have changed and improving the lives of Stephen Covey is Man's Search for Meaning ?? work of Victor Frankl, and A Guide for the Perplexed by EF Schumacher. Frankl taught him to build the power to choose in any situation. Frankl did this while living in a concentration camp in Nazi Germany laden with cruelty without humanity ?? mental abuse, physical and emotional. At one stage, the Nazis burned the manuscript ?? writing about his life. That wealth that is priceless.
Frankl does not scream I ask ?? Why ??? or ?? Why is all this happening? "but transfigured into ?? What I want from this life ??? and answer directly to the words ?? Write back, fix it again. ?? Ten years later, Stephen Covey read A Guide for the Perplexed, which explains the concept of personal selection at a higher level and be a great motivator in life.
Another recorded in this book is Jacquelyn Mitchard, which the New York Times as the author of a bestseller. His first novel, The Deep End of the Ocean, is the first book selected for Oprah's Book Club ?? and then filmed with Michelle Pfeiffer plays. As a boy, his mother brought home any books for reading, including those not suitable for him.
At age 12, his mother gave him a novel titled A Tree grows in Brooklyn, Betty Smith works then read 11 times. Francie Nolan, the main character in this book, then become a fan of bringing it forward in his career as a journalist. A habit that is difficult to cast, this book must be read every time you want to write a new novel. Jacquelyn Mitchard said, there is no other book that can give you more inspiration to become a writer, a man, a woman and a mother.
The story of Gary Erickson, Clif Bar proprietor & Co. Companies producing natural energy foods and foods rich in nutrients is also not less interesting. He recalled the incident a few minutes before he's close to selling Clif Bar class multinational giants. Company executives, is awaiting his hand down in the contract that has been provided.
Many experts have told partners that Clif Bar may not be developed yet and they need a big capital to propel the company into a more secure position. Only multinational companies that can do just that. Two rival company they were purchased by other multinationals. If sold, he and his partner each received AS 60 million and not have to deal with and reassure employees. They can retire and have fun.
The last few minutes, he became restless. Depressed. Gary Erickson then sort of whispered words ?? I should not do ?? and then he realized that ?? I have not sold it. ?? By telephone, Gary Erickson then told his partner that he does not want to sell the company. See Gary Erickson in stressful situations, Leslie lend the book The Legacy of Luna Julia Butterfly Hill work, an autobiography of a woman to find a way to contribute to the world of charity.
Thus, this book introduces us to many great and famous in their respective fields in American life changed after reading a particular book.
At least the reader can draw inspiration from the experience of these people, read their writings and books they have ever read. The book does have the power to change lives.
* ROOSFA HASHIM, Lecturer at the Centre for General Studies, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.

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